Video Surveillance System

A picture says more than a thousand words.

Emphasis is hereby given to security and privacy on the one hand and high image quality on the other.

The use of recording devices, in comparison to conventional SD card-protected video surveillance systems, offers various security-relevant and qualitative advantages, which in our opinion make these devices indispensable for professional surveillance.

All environments

Megapixel cameras for every environment (day & night, indoor & outdoor)


Recorders (NVR)
for image back-up

Remote Access

Pictures accessible from PC, smartphone, tablet or locally via monitor

Personal & Business

We install and maintain professional video surveillance systems for home and industry.

Our Products


Wiz Sense, 8MP IR Fixed focal Eyeball WizSense Network Camera


4MP Smart Dual Illumination Active Deterrence Fixed-focal Bullet WizSense Network Camera


8MP IR Fixed focal Dome WizSense Network Camera


2MP Smart Dual Illuminators Bullet Camera


2MP/4MP Starlight IR WizMind Network Dual-PTZ Camera


5GHz AC867 15dBi Outdoor Wireless CPE

Feel safe at home

All you need for any installation in one place.
HIGH-TECH IMP-EX dedicates itself to creating a safe, convenient and smart life for users.

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